Gifts for the New Baby

Welcoming a new baby is one of life's happiest and most heartwarming occasions. The arrival of this precious little bundle heralds excitement unlike any other joyful occasion. Family members, friends and colleagues want to convey their congratulations and warm wishes to new parents.

It is an age old tradition to celebrate this wondrous occasion by sending gifts. Baby gifts hold a significant meaning as they help us commemorate a special day in a family's life. Special baby gifts may become cherished keepsakes held dear to the new baby as they grow up.

If you're a grandparent, a proud aunt or uncle, a friend of the family, an employer, a work colleague or even a next-door neighbour, baby gifts are a terrific way to convey your love and affection or warmest wishes for the new baby and family.

The market is filled with an overwhelming abundance of gifts for new babies. Deciding which gift to send can become quite confusing. One of the most sensational gifts to send to new parents is a baby gift basket. Quite simply, they remove the stress from gift giving. There are many quality online gift basket companies which offer a fabulous and varied selection of baby gifts artfully arranged in keepsake containers, all done up in soft, pastel colours ready for gifting!

Baby gift baskets may contain purely practical items such as sleepers, hats, all in ones or, onesies - as they are often called, socks, and those precious little baby booties. Satin edged baby blankets, flannel blankets, change pads, diaper bags, burp cloths and soothers are always good choices. Soothing baby lotions, powders and soaps are other practical items which will be well used and much appreciated. Practical gifts can help the new parents and their budget immeasurably. They are the most often used and under appreciated gifts for new babies. Don't leave them out of your baby gift basket buying decisions! Educational gifts, books, calming instrumental CD's, or a soft, snugly plush toywill help to comfort the new baby and parents alike!

Over and above including practical baby gifts in your gift basket, you may want to include baby gifts that are decorative and whimsical. Keepsake containers which may be of either a practical or decorative usein baby's new room are perfect for use as the base or container of your gift basket. Bearington Bears and other high line baby gift companies have an unthinkably wide assortment to choose from. Upscale baby gift basket companies will offer several of these containers. Embroidered baby blankets, bone China mugs, plates, photo frames or a photo album can be incorporated into your gift assortment. These types of 'heirloom gifts' are usually kept and passed down through generations.

When sending a new baby gift basket to anywhere in Canada or the USA, you have the option of including both practical and whimsical gifts. An added feature is you also get the 'WOW' factor of having a beautifully wrapped and decorated package delivered right to the front door!