The World's Love Affair With The Legendary Fruit Basket

Across time, the most popular gift offering by far, has been the gift of fruit in a basket. No-one really knows when the first fruit basket was created. We do know that thousands of years ago, people used to actually weave a basket and fill it with fruit to give as a gift.

Throughout the ages, gifts of food and fruit have been universally accepted as the traditional gift for offering your best wishes for good health and prosperity. This love affair lives on today!

The sentiment for sending a fruit basket remains the same today. But, there has been an explosion in marketplace offerings! Gone are the days when your only venue was to order a fruit basket from the local grocery store. These baskets, at best, contained a mediocre and haphazard assortment of fruit piled into a lackluster, inexpensive basket topped with a nondescript pull bow.

Today, there are a myriad of fruit basket selections available to tempt the palette. Quality oriented basketeers hand pick fruit for your gift, to ensure each piece of fruit is as fresh and appealing as can be. They select the best fruit available, discarding blemished fruit to create an unsurpassed presentation.

Artistic arrangements of fresh fruit can be incorporated with world class gourmet foods and tempting savoury treats. Selections may incorporate a good bottle of wine, world class cheeses, rich and savoury crackers, premium nuts and snack combinations, award winning chocolate confections and scrumptious, delectable cookies.

Fruit and Gourmet Gift Baskets are the ideal choice for the fruit lover and for those noble people who are health conscious by choice. There is also an abundance of alternative selections for the diet restricted. Gourmet items added to your gift may be sugar free, salt free and even gluten free. In today's marketplace the choice of specialty foods are varied, abundant and readily available.

When dealing with a premium gift basket company, you can immediately see the style, creativity and the quality and care that go into the arranging of each individual design. Selections range from lavish fruit and gourmet concoctions with a traditional flair, to grand fruit and gourmet gift towers to unusual contemporary custom creations artfully displayed in keepsake containers.

It is still considered eminently tasteful to send a fruit and gourmet gift basket for celebratory and bereavement occasions and for any gifting occasion, including corporate greetings and get well wishes.

Patti McConville is the owner of Cranberry Corners Gift Baskets located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Patti and her team of caring professionals have been designing gift baskets for over 20 years. That creative lineage is translated into each and every gift basket they design. Cranberry Corners Gift Baskets offers gift basket delivery across Canada and the USA!
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