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Canada boasts the second largest geographical land mass in the world. It is situated in the northern hemisphere and is geographically located in North America. It is divided in 10 geographical provinces and three large northern territories. Canada is surround by oceans on three sides, the northern Arctic, the western Pacific and eastern Atlantic Ocean. To the south, Canada lies along the border of the United States. This shared, common border is the longest land border in the world.

Canada is a federal state and is governed as a parliamentary democracy. This system is based upon the British Parliamentary system. The reigning monarch in England is still the Canadian head of state although the Prime Minister of Canada is actually the elected ruler of the country. Canada has two official languages and is considered a federally bilingual country. A large majority of Canadians speak English while the smaller minority are French speaking. Many Canadians, especially those situated in the province of Ontario are able to speak both English and French. The province of Quebec holds the majority of francophones living within the country.

Like the history of its American neighbour, traditionally Canada was strongly shaped by the influence of Britain, France and an aboriginal cultural mix. These initial influences were later blended with more European immigration and cultures from eastern Europe. Over time all of these cultures blended to form a unique Canadian identity. While quite similar to American society in some aspects, Canadian people place a higher value on multiculturalism and the uniqueness of differing nationalities. The cultures of both countries are so similar that the Canadian government is forever trying to define what is actually Canadian versus American. Being that Canada serves a much smaller population, this idiosynchronicity has become a well known Canadian pastime!

Historically Canada's economic fortunes have been tied to its wealth of natural resources. Today the economy is more diversified although there is still a heavy reliance upon the finite resources of the land, namely, coal, water, lumber, electricity, natural gas and oil. Canada's major trading partner is the United States. Both of these countries share a strong interdependence and much in the way of a shared history. They have enjoyed a peaceful coexistence since 1812 and for well over 100 years have boasted one of the most successful international relationships.

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