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Gatineau is a unique and burgeoning city located just across the river from the federal capital city of Ottawa. Although both cities are located in two separate provinces, they are commonly twinned together and referred to as the National Capital area. Gatineau is the fairly recent name given to a collection of several smaller cities and towns located in the western Quebec region. These include, Hull, Gatineau, Aylmer and surrounding areas These cities were amalgamated in 2002 into the city of Gatineau. The region of Gatineau is also called the Outaouais. It is also known as the entrance or gates to the province of Quebec.

Geographically, Gatineau is situated along the north shore of the Ottawa River. The Gatineau River flows north to south and meets the Ottawa River in this panoramic location. Hull, which is one of the collective cities of the new Gatineau, is one of the oldest cities in the region. It was founded by Philemon Wright. Wright's original plan was to establish an agricultural community but he actually ended up becoming a main forefather of the massive lumber trade. This industry dominated the region for well over 100 years. Originally, Hull was called Wrightvlle. Aylmer was founded by settlers in the 1800's and was name after Lord Aylmer. At that time, Lord Aylmer was a Governor General of Canada. Aylmer was also predominately populated with people of English ancestry. United Empire Loyalists living in what is now called Massachusetts, were given agricultural plots for farming. In the 1940's, during the Second World War, Hull hosted a prisoner of war camp. The prisoners were forced to work in the large logging industry.

Today, Gatineau boasts a population base of approximately 300,000 residents The major employer is the federal government of Canada. Historically, Gatineau was overshadowed by the city of Ottawa. Over the years and especially since amalgamation of the individual towns and cities, while still in close proximity to Ottawa, Gatineau has developed its own cachet and an individual and unique European flavour all its own. This bustling city combines a historical mix of traditional Canadian immigrant nationalities, namely Irish, Scottish and French.

Within Gatineau, one can find chic, urban shopping, renown gastronomic adventures in a diverse collection of restaurants as well as the historical foods and drinks still offered by many traditional French Canadian pubs. There are many scenic attractions within Gatineau. One of the most famous is Gatineau Park. If you are fortunate enough to be visiting the Gatineau region during Fall, a trip to the park is a must! The overwhelming beauty of the area when the leaves are changing colours is truly a sight to behold. The spectacular colour palette offered by Mother nature is undoubtedly breathtaking. The ethereal canvas provided by green from fir trees provides a brilliant contrast to the reds of sugar maples and the yellows of other hardwoods. Wherever you look, you are provided with a majestic view and a celestial experience. A trip through, Gatineau Park, may be enjoyed by car or by hiking on foot. A tempting way to end an afternoon of visual extravagance is to partake of the edible delicacies offered at the tea room located near the Mackenzie King Estate.

Mackenzie King, the longest serving Canadian Prime Minister, owned a summer home in the Gatineau's. Upon his death, he left this national treasure to the people of Canada. It is managed today by the National Capital Commission. One may visit the charming cottage known as Kingswood, enjoy the ruins and formal gardens as well as walk about the scenic grounds and trails. This is a historical day trip well worth the taking!

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