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The Ottawa Valley is comprised of a collection of small towns and cities situated to the west of the major Canadian capital city of Ottawa. Historically the Ottawa Valley was home to the Algonquin Indians. Early settlers were attracted to this region due, in large part to the massive lumber industry, along the Ontario and Quebec lands situated on both sides of the Ottawa River. The cutting of timber was a winter industry which was best served by utilizing the advantage of the snowy, colder months. It was easier to cut down trees when they were lighter as the sap wasn't running and the hauling of logs was aided by pulling them along the snow and ice. Endurance of these harsh climactic conditions created a rugged stock of people who, considered themselves a hardier and tougher lot than their city neighbours. The lore of the Ottawa Valley persists to this day with a wealth of farmers and loggers whose roots are richly steeped in Irish, Scottish and French heritage. Valley people are still known for their regional dialect called the Ottawa Valley Twang.

Today the Ottawa Valley offers the charm of small towns, cities and the stark beauty of a large wilderness area with countless streams, major rivers and forests. It is also the home of Algonquin Park. The splendour of the terrain and the glory of having four seasons offers an area of true rural beauty with a myriad of seasonal activities to enjoy.

Cottage life and summer and winter resorts abound in this scenic rural paradise. Some of the noteworthy attractions to be enjoyed in the Ottawa Valley are white water rafting along rapids in the Ottawa River. Camping, canoeing and hiking are regular summer activities enjoyed in the Valley. The region is also home to wonderful gift shops, painters and artisans as well as some local wineries. Day trips are a terrific way to get acquainted with this regions endless wonders!

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